Did You Know?

Do you ever notice that whenever you mix water and oil together, they will separate no matter what? This is because they have different density. The oil will float on the top, leaving the water on the bottom. This is because the oil is less dense than the water. Oil and water don’t mix since the water molecules are closer to other water molecules rather than oil. Surprisingly, detergent molecules can mix with both water and oil. Whenever you add detergent to your clothing, dishes, etc, each detergent molecule connects with both the oil and water molecule. Detergent creates a mixture of water with droplets of oil that spreads throughout. Since water molecules are polar, they are attracted to each other. On the other hand, water and oil molecules are not attracted to each other because oil molecules are non-polar. Detergent is attracted to both water and oil since it is hydrophilic on one end hydrophobic on the other end. Therefore, when people use detergent, it creates molecules and form an emulsion.


Facts About Gravity

In this trick, the goal is to make a protector for an egg so that if you drop it down from above, it will not crack. What should you know? When an egg drops, there are many forces that causes it, including gravity. A force is a push or pull upon an object. This results from interactions between objects. Acceleration is the rate at which an object speeds up or slows down. So, when an egg is dropped, the longer it falls, the longer it accelerates, thus gaining more speed. Gravity is all around us. Its main purpose is to accelerate objects to the ground. This shows us that when an object is dropped, it does not float. It goes straight to the ground and on the ground. When an egg drops, it will have a gravitational pull on it sending it straight to the ground. After knowing these facts about gravity and acceleration, hopefully it will give all of you better ideas on how to protect your egg carefully. Be sure try out the experiment if you never heard of it before.

TO: Navi

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for entering my world.  Your kindness warms me up with how much you always try to help others to the best of your ability.  You use your thoughtfulness to make sure everyone around you is taken care of.  I will always appreciate the little moments you take to express your concern for me.  I really admire your creativity and reading your weekly blog posts, as it gives me a sense of enlightenment.   Getting to know you and having classes with you add an extra sense of enjoyment and positivity to my overall school experience.  Although we don’t get to spend as much as I would like, I look forward to getting to know you more and becoming the friend that you can rely on to be there for you.




TO: Cydney

Hello Cydney!  I read your post on what you want to become when you grow up.  I admire your determination in chasing your  passion for dancing.  Knowing you, I think you will reach far in being a dancer, weather you decide to make dancing a hobby or career.  Your humorous and easygoing nature would bring an air of happiness and laughter to your audiences through your performance.  I am sure as you go down your educational journey, you will find that prefect interest you will be skillful and enthusiastic about pursuing and become successful.  No matter what you become when you grow up, I hope you will always maintain your love for dancing and continuing spreading entertainment to people through the beauty you put into your dance show.

Best Wishes,




FROM: Sincerely, Navi

TO: The Quiet One

Everyday, you’re surrounded by the loud yelling of students. Most screaming about things they won’t remember in the next few days. Everything with them is so temporary, as it is with everyone else. Somehow though, amidst all the chaos, you seem to float through it. Like a boat sailing through a war zone, yet somehow never gets harmed. You go through school and seem above it. Like you’re wiser than your years. How do you do it? With you things don’t seem temporary; they seem more permanent. When you grow up, I imagine you having a great life. I imagine you being successful in whatever it is you want to do. Thank you for being in my life. We may not talk very much, but everyday you remind me that there is beauty and elegance even in chaos.





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Brainstorming on Ideas

For my second video project, I am not quite sure on what to do.  Though, I am brainstorming on very good ideas.  At first, I thought about doing a sandbox video. I really like that idea because it’s something more complicated.  I will learn from it since is more challenging and never did one before.  Sometimes, it’s nice to try something harder than you are used to.  Actually, I NEVER filmed a video before.  Not even seen any do it before.

Meanwhile, I want to do a choreography video to a song.  For this one, I have to learn the movements to whatever song I am going to dance to.  This idea is very exciting.

The difference between the two ideas is that for the sandbox video, I don’t necessarily have to be in the video.  Though, I have to be in the video for the choreography video. Both of these ideas are very exciting for me though.

PS. Maybe I can do both!


Meeting For the First Time

On Saturday afternoon, my family and I went to the tea house to meet my mom’s cousin. She is from New York, and it’s her first time visiting.  So, this weekend is the first time meeting her.  So, we had lunch together.  It was nice meeting her.  Actually, this is my second time going to a tea house.  Though, the first time was at a different place.  Basically, we just sat there and had lunch together and took a few pictures.  She came with her husband and daughter.  The daughter is the same age as my sister, so she can kinda relate to us.  They were all very nice people.  Unfortunately, we didn’t hang out for that long, but it was nice to meet up.

Coins, Chemistry, and Cleaning

Whenever we find coins, it is often times tarnished or oxidized.  It is okay though.  There are many solutions to this.  Though, I am only going to show you one of the best solutions this time.

The first solution is to use vinegar.  Vinegar’s acidity is what makes everything become shinier.  Put all your coins in a bowl full of vinegar and salt.  After a while, your coins will be shiny!  The science behind soaking coins in vinegar is that the copper oxide dissolves in a mixture of  non-concentrated acid.   This proves that salt and vinegar is an acid.  The vinegar weakens after using it, due to the acid.  This is why it does not work to reuse vinegar.  It will not produce the same results as the first use.  Vinegar reacts  chemically because it is an acid.

When you mix the vinegar and salt together, there is a chemical reaction.  So, the chemical reaction has special techniques that can maintain the life of pretty much anything with discoloration.  Overall, vinegar is the best cleaning solution.

Making the Best Dish With Bananas

Today,  we are going to learn how to make banana ice cream.  In order to make this dish, you need to get all the ingredients needed.  The ingredients include 2 cups to mashed bananas, 1 tablespoon of vanilla abstract, 5 ounces of evaporated milk, 4 cups of heavy whipping cream, 4 eggs, dash salt, 2 cups of sugar, and  4 cups half and half cream.

So, the first step is to mix sugar and salt in a large pot for 175 degrees.  Add in a small amount of hot water into the eggs.  While you are doing that, return to the pot of salt and sugar and whisk constantly.  It needs to be stirred while boiling in low heat until there is enough moisture in the ice cream.

Then, mix vanilla abstract, milk, and whipping cream with anything such as a bowl.  Refrigerate it overnight so it is not too soft.  Leaving it in the refrigerator overnight will produce higher quality in texture.

Next, stir in all the bananas.  The container needs some extra space for the ice cream.  Keep the ice cream frozen for about three hours until it is ready to be served.

Finally, take the ice cream out of the freezer and enjoy!

Different Flavors

Every morning, there is always those who like to have a drink.  Some people like to drink tea.  Others like to drink coffee.  Though everyone likes something different.  Some people like their drink plain.  Meanwhile, others like to add abstracts or sugar to their drink.  So, there are different ways to flavor your drink.  Sometimes we are tired or just don’t feel like drinking a certain drink. Adding ingredients can enhance flavor and increase your appetite for the day. In general, we should know how to add flavors in drinks using similar ingredients.